8 August 2016

Sunny Spain is calling

Sometimes on a rainy and cold Monday it's hard to drag yourself out of bed. But today's been pretty special for us at Lotterywest because we had 10 national Saturday Lotto winners over the weekend - and two were from WA! So it was all systems go from the moment we walked in the doors at Head Office.

The winning tickets came from DJ's Lucky Lottery in Hillarys (their ninth Division 1 win!) and Leeming Lottery Centre and Newsagency. David Humphry from DJ's is over the moon with the news, telling us “We’ve got luck in our name and always give our customers good service. I know there are more winners to come!”. While at Leeming, owner Colin Doyle has been spreading the good news “It’s been a long time coming for us so we’re making sure all our customers know and check their tickets.".

A retired couple from Padbury are the first of the winners to come forward - and we think they're feeling pretty amazing thanks to the $408,302 win. With the wife about to celebrate a special milestone birthday, they're now planning a gloriously sunny trip over to Spain where she can buy all the dresses her heart desires.

What does my money support in WA?

Every year you help Lotterywest make more than 1,000 grants totalling over $100 million dollars. Which means that you're helping community organisations provide services, support and inspiration to people all over Western Australia. And the best part? All the money that you help give to our community comes from having fun playing the games! So why not pick up a ticket today and keep WA winning?