11 August 2017

So you win big! But then what?

Imagine you’ve just won big. Real big. Like ‘millions of bucks’ big. What would you do with the cash? Here at Lotterywest, we love hearing how our lucky Lotto winners plan on spending their new-found fortunes. We occasionally hear of dreams (turned reality) of round-the-world trips flying first class; brand new luxury cars; mansions upon mansions; and, of course, plenty of bling. But much of the time, it’s the simple things in life – those smaller, special purchases – that bring the most happiness to our newly minted millionaires. We thought we’d share with you some of the more unique ways our winners have spent their riches.


Doggy dental

A tradie from Bassendean was stoked to be able to finally get her beloved dog’s teeth cleaned after winning $1 million in Saturday Lotto prize money.

“It’s more expensive for Buster to get his teeth cleaned than it is for me to go to the dentist,” she said.

“His breath smells so bad, I’ve already booked him in at the vet,” she added.

 Doggy Dental - Blog

Sausage sizzle

A young family from Armadale who scooped $6 million in Powerball prize money have plans to buy a bigger house eventually but first on the list… a new BBQ.

We reckon they could buy a decent amount of sausages, tomato sauce and onions with that windfall too! Maybe even some mustard, too.


Fine dining

A retired couple from Mandurah who pocketed $1 million playing Monday Lotto decided to treat themselves to a night out at their local café.

“We’re going to be celebrating our win with a fancy dinner out and will be ordering an entrée, main and a dessert,” the husband said.

“It’s not often that we can afford to enjoy a three-course meal,” the wife added.

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Cruising Corolla

A woman from East Victoria Park who won almost $720,000 in Saturday Lotto just wanted to keep her 15-year-old Toyota Corolla cruising.

“I don’t want a Ferrari or a Lamborghini – I’m just looking forward to getting my old Corolla serviced so she’s purring like a kitten again,” she said.


Extravagant accessories

A self-described battler from Lathlain admitted she would “splash out” a little after taking out $15 million in OZ Lotto prize money.

“I’ve had my eye on a $60 handbag for quite a while now,” she said.

“That’ll be a nice treat – I can’t wait to show it off to all my friends,” she added.

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With these small but special splurges in mind, how would you treat yo’ self?