25 October 2017

Scratch'n'Win, scratch'n'give

Did you know that Lotterywest Scratch’n’Win players win over $1 million in prizes every week? Yep, you heard that right. Over $1 million in prizes every week!

Here at Lotterywest, we love welcoming our scratchie Top Prize winners into our Winner’s Room and hearing about their winning experience.

Our winners’ stories always brighten our day so we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite Scratch’n’Win stories from 2017.

Old lemon to dream car

Luxury Ride Winner

Meet Tabatha, baby Teddy and their slick new ride. Tabatha won a new Mercedes-Benz CLA200 after playing the $10 Luxury Ride scratchie. Tabatha immediately gifted the new car to her mum who was driving around Perth in a 20-year-old Falcon with dodgy windows and one heck of an oil leak.

‘Scratched’ glasses

A Willeton grandma didn’t realise she had won $75,000 on a $5 Word Play Scratch’n’Win ticket. Why, you ask? Because the $20 reading glasses she bought from chemist years ago were too scratched (pardon the pun!). After visiting Lotterywest’s HQ to claim her prize she was hitting the shops to splurge on a brand new pair of designer glasses. Won’t she be a sight for sore eyes!

Coffee conundrum

A woman from Beechboro said she almost choked on her coffee after winning $75k on a $5 Word Play scratchie from Morley Millions. She was indulging in her weekly ritual of enjoying a cappuccino and playing a scratchie when she realised she’d won big. We think it’s time for a coffee – don’t you?!

Money DOES grow on trees!

They say that money doesn’t grow on trees but this certainly wasn’t the case for a lucky woman from Innaloo who won $100,000 on a $5 Money Tree Scratch’n’Win ticket. Being an avid gardener, she said the tree design on the ticket caught her eye. Now that’s what we call bark-ing up the right tree!

Razzle dazzle!

A mum from Merredin has won a $200,000 Scratch’n’Win top prize after purchasing a $20 Star ticket. She said the scratchie caught her eye because it sparkled in the display cabinet.

Scratchie blog star

Zoom zoom back to Broome

A Broome granny purchased her first ever car after winning $50,000 on a $3 Pay Me! Scratch’n’Win ticket. After a visit to Lotterywest HQ, she went car shopping and hit the road back to Broome in a brand new 4WD. Zoom zoom!

If that’s not enough to get you down to your local newsagent to pick up a scratchie, this might…

Every time you play Scratch’n’Win you’re also supporting the WA community – in fact, in the last financial year alone, almost $30 million was generated for local community organisations thanks to Scratch’n’Win sales.

It’s a win-win!

*Based on 2016/17 figures