5 January 2017

Mega wins from our Megadraw

There's no doubt the $31 million Saturday Lotto Megadraw was our biggest and most exciting for 2016. After all, it was on New Year's Eve - and buying a ticket in that draw gave everyone the chance to go into 2017 with the potential for some of their Lotto dreams to come true. 

It turns out WA definitely had some magic in the air because we had four Division 1 winners that night, all taking home a $1.3 million prize. Talk about mega wins! And one of those tickets was actually a 10-share syndicate, meaning the prize went even further to all different winners.

One of those share holders turned out to be a group of four north of the river ladies who picked up their ticket from West Perth Newsagency. With over $34,000 each they're going to be treating themselves with home renovations, travel and other exciting plans. The best kind of prizes are those you can share with friends after all!

Also from north of the river, a happy couple is even happier after their New Year's resolution of having more money by the end of January has now come true. $1.3 million... yup, we think that definitely makes that resolution a reality! Thanks to their new fortune, they've cut up their credit cards and are heading overseas - business class of course.

Another of our Megadraw winners was a newlywed Success couple who picked up tickets from Gateways News and Lottery Centre. Not long after calling themselves Mr and Mrs, they get to add another title to their names... MILLIONAIRES! Turns out their spur of the moment impulse to grab a ticket really worked in their favour,

We've still got more of our players to come forward to collect their prizes, and we can't wait to hear their big plans to celebrate being mega winners! What a fantastic way to kickstart this new year. Congrats!

What does my money support in WA?

Every time you play Lotterywest games, you’re helping community organisations across the State provide services, support and inspiration to people all over Western Australia. Last financial year alone, we were able to contribute $265 million to the WA community. So why not pick up a ticket today and keep WA winning?