15 September 2014

Bardi Jarwi Rangers caring for country

Story shared by: Bibido – Bardi Jawi Rangers

Based at One Arm Point on the Dampier Peninsula, the Bardi Jawi Rangers proudly protect, preserve and maintain their country’s biodiversity and species.

“It’s our job to look after the environment, both sea and land…on behalf of elders and traditional owners” says head ranger Philip ‘Bibido’ McCarthy.

In May this year the Rangers took delivery of a specialist marine vessel, purchased with the support of a Lotterywest grant, equipped with state of the art marine communications and search technology.

The vessel has allowed the group to undertake training with the Fremantle Water Police which will see them operate as Australia’s first Indigenous volunteer marine rescue group. It’s also a vital tool for the group’s dugong and turtle management activities and recording of traditional ecological knowledge.

“The Ranger program…it’s our job to train guys and teach them about sustainability and looking after country… it’s our duty to look after these boys and give them directions”, says ‘Bibido’.

The 250km of coastline and 340,700 hectares of land managed by the Rangers is certainly in  safe hands; their specialist knowledge of satellite tagging dugongs for research has been sought after internationally with rangers in Abu Dhabi keen to learn their methods.

‘Bibido’ says it best; “You can’t get better people to look after your country”.

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