17 July 2017

5 unconventional ways to spend $50 million

$50 million is A LOT of money no matter who you ask - even Oprah would agree, and she’s not short of a penny! I’m sure you’ve thought about how you could spend $1 million, $5 million or even $10 million. But $50 million? What on earth would you do with it all?

Here are a few, shall we say, unconventional ideas…

Buy your very own island

You could buy you own island, fly all of your mates there and throw the BEST PARTY EVER! Think swaying palm trees, masses of lobster, ice sculptures and aerial ribbon dancers. You could even invite Kim K… if that’s what you’re in to.

Buy your own island

A lifetime supply of fidget spinners

Or you could buy 10 million fidget spinners and share them with all of your colleagues, plus your family’s colleagues, and their family’s colleagues. Or perhaps the entire Western Australian workforce. At least you’d be popular, right?

An army of fluffy puppies

How about a fleet of Tibetan mastiffs? The world’s most expensive dog. It’d be like your own army of giant fluff balls. You’d obviously hire a dog whisperer to train them, plus you’d need a fair few groomers and dog walkers to frequent your puppy mansion.

Tibetan Mastiffs

Buy a sporting team

How about buying your favourite sporting team? Footy, cricket, figure skating perhaps? Now imagine what you’d do if you owned them. Would you slam your suitcase of cold hard cash on the CEO’s desk and demand that the dead weight gets sidelined? Or maybe you’d introduce a new mascot. How about a unicorn? Or a Tibetan mastiff?

Make Beyoncé a regular

If a parking spot in Manhattan only sets you back $1M you’d have plenty left over to live up the NYC lifestyle. How about buying a cruise ship and sailing back and forth from New York to the Caribbean just because you can? Maybe Beyoncé could get a regular Friday night gig on the ship - if she’s lucky.

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