28 February 2017

$1.7 million to Cystic Fibrosis WA

Did you know that in Australia one in every 25 people carry the cystic fibrosis (CF) gene? That’s a pretty scary statistic if you ask us.

Because carriers of the gene are unaffected and show no symptoms it’s hard for them to understand they may be at risk. Any of us could be a carrier and we wouldn’t know – think about it, that’s about 1 million unaware carriers!

Cystic fibrosis primary affects the lungs and digestive system and there is no known cure.

Cue Nigel.

Nigel is the CEO of Cystic Fibrosis WA (CFWA) and everyday he and his team contribute to the social, physical and emotional wellbeing of those affected by cystic fibrosis by offering homecare, counselling, education, equipment and much more to those in Western Australia suffering from CF.

The other guy is Scott. Scott works as part of the Lotterywest Grants and Community Development team. The reason he’s smiling like that is because he just got to tell Nigel that thanks to Lotterywest players and retailers we’ve been able to contribute almost $35,000 to CFWA.

That means Lotterywest has now supported CFWA to the tune of over $1.7 million.

We couldn’t do it without you WA! 

Cystic Fibrosis WA