9 August 2017

Tradie to treat family to new BBQ after $6 million Powerball win

A young family from Armadale has finally been revealed as Western Australia’s newest multimillionaires after coming forward to claim $6 million in Powerball prize money following last week’s draw.

The husband and wife team purchased the winning ticket from Carousel Lottery Centre & News in Cannington and approached Lotterywest HQ after hours of frantic back and forth phone calls.

“I was at work and had about 100 missed calls from my wife,” the husband said.

“When she finally got through to me she told me to sit down and not to stress before telling me we’d won the Lotto,” he added.

When quizzed about his reaction, the 35-year-old tradesman said he was in total shock.

“It could have been a combination of nightshift and nerves but while she was busy screaming I began feeling light headed,” he laughed.

“It didn’t take me long to pull myself together and remind her that I could now buy that BBQ I had my eye on,” he added.

The couple said while the Lotto windfall was still sinking in, they had plans to purchase a bigger family home and take care of friends and family.

“We can probably afford to pay the rates now too,” the wife laughed.

“We couldn’t ask for anything more than a nice house for our kids to grow up in,” she added.

The $6 million claim comes as a mother and daughter from East Victoria Park also came forward to claim $720,000 in Saturday Lotto prize money.

“I don’t want a mansion or a Ferrari,” the daughter said.

“I’d just like to get my 15-year-old Corolla serviced,” she added.

The East Victoria Park duo are one of three Division 1 winners in last weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw. Lotterywest is still waiting to hear from one of these winners who purchased their ticket from The Kwinana Hub Lottery Centre & News.

The windfalls are a timely reminder that when you play with Lotterywest all of WA wins. Thanks to local players, more than $265 million was raised for the State last financial year.


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