24 March 2016

South West family goes from working seven days a week to $40 million

The wait is over to find WA’s $40 million OZ Lotto winners with an overjoyed family from the South West claiming the jackpot prize.
The winning ticket was purchased from Harvey Newsagency and is the second largest Lotto prize to be won in WA.
The family shed tears of joy when they realised the multi-million dollar amount of their OZ Lotto win, which had followed a very tough time financially.
“We’ve been working 15 hour days, seven days a week for the last 10 years. We haven’t been able to afford a house or a car and every time we have gone to the bank for a loan, it’s been declined,” the father of the family said.
“This changes all of that. It will change our lives for the better but it certainly won’t change us!” he said.
The family said they only learnt of their life changing news yesterday.
“I was crying, shaking and bawling my eyes out all the way home!” the father said.
“I’ve always wanted to secure a future for my children and take my wife shopping for a home we can actually call our own for the first time. Now we can do all that.”
Although they have scooped the entire $40 million OZ Lotto jackpot, the family said they would continue to work and live a normal life.
“We’re going to keep working for now but we are looking forward to a few extras like taking our caravan on a holiday, upgrading from budget airlines to business class, and ordering room service when we stay in a hotel,” he said.
Last year saw a record breaking 99 Division 1 Lotto winners in WA. It seems 2016 is looking just as lucky with this year’s tally already at 27. These winners have shared in almost $62 million worth or prizes.
Lotterywest is crossing its fingers that Lady Luck is here to stay with another chance to win big in tonight’s $30 million Powerball jackpot.
WA players have until 6pm tonight to purchase tickets from Lotterywest retailers in-store, through Play Online or via the Lotterywest App.
The WA community was also the big winner in the OZ Lotto jackpot roll, with almost $7.5 million raised to support the community thanks to WA players buying tickets.  
Community groups to receive this support include the Shire of Harvey which received a recent Lotterywest Grant of $350,000 to create a skate park for locals.  
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