31 August 2016

South West friends and Alkimos couple each collect $701, 962 Lotto prize

Both of WA’s weekend Lotto winners have paid a visit to the Lotterywest Winners Room to claim their $701,962 Division 1 prizes.

Friends from the South West will be sharing the Saturday Lotto prize from the ticket purchased at Nannup News and Post Office.

The pair were out late on the night of the draw but for some reason felt compelled to check their ticket before heading to bed.

“When I saw we’d won I had to pinch myself because I thought I must have been falling asleep and seeing things!” said the woman.

“I refreshed my computer screen about eight times and the numbers were still there. I actually hurt my arm a little from pinching myself in the same spot.”

Plans for the winners include travelling, helping family financially, paying off their mortgages, a new car and splurging on some items just for them.

“We never imagined this could happen to us. This prize will help us live more comfortable lives, free from debt,” said the friends.

A couple from Alkimos have claimed the second weekend Division 1 Lotto prize from a ticket purchased at The Mall Newsagency in Perth.

The man said he usually played Lotto online but on that particular day decided to buy a ticket in-store too.

“I thought I’d won a prize so I handed my ticket to the girl at the newsagency to check and she looked even more nervous than me! She told me to get straight to Lotterywest,” said the man.

“It’s quite overwhelming, we’ve always thought about what we could do if we ever won Lotto and now it’s actually happened.”

The couple now hope to retire earlier than planned, pay off their mortgage and start home renovations.

Will luck strike WA in the $21 million Saturday Lotto Superdraw?

WA’s double act of Lotto luck from last weekend could be a sign of more good things to come this Saturday when a $21 million Division 1 prize pool goes on offer in the Superdraw.

Lotterywest said it was hoping to extend on its tally of 57 Division 1 Lotto winners who have shared in just over $103 million so far this year.

Tickets for the Superdraw are available until 6pm on Saturday in-store from Lotterywest retailers, Lotterywest Play Online and the Lotterywest App.

The Superdraw is not just expected deliver thousands of WA Lotto winners; it’s also estimated to raise $4 million to support the local community.

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