3 August 2016

Mandurah’s newest millionaires will still be bargain hunters

A Mandurah couple have come forward to collect their $1,333,333 Division 1 Saturday Lotto prize from last weekend’s $20 million Superdraw.

The winning ticket was purchased from The Lucky Charm Meadow Springs and was amongst three won in Western Australia for the draw. The couple recounted a moment of clairvoyance at their daughter’s house where they predicted their good fortune before they’d checked their ticket.

“My daughter asked why I’d brought over bubbles as it wasn’t a special occasion and I said it was to celebrate becoming a millionaire in Lotto. I couldn’t believe it when it actually became a reality just a few hours later!” said the man. “When I saw all those numbers on the ticket I called out to my wife and said I hope you weren’t planning on sleeping tonight because we’ve just won Lotto.”

The winners are now planning to retire, a possibility they thought would be much further down the track. They also plan to go travelling around Australia in an old caravan.

“We’re over the moon happy. Now we can take the grandkids to Disneyland! To see the joy on their faces when we get there will be everything,” said the couple.

A second hand car is also on the cards for the winners but the couple were adamant they would haggle for the best deal in town. “We’re just everyday people and that’s how we’ll remain. I’m definitely going to bargain my way to the best price for the car!”

It’s not just Lotto winners that benefit from Lotterywest Games, with Lotterywest directly distributing money raised from its lottery products back to the WA community to support not-for-profit organisations. Local groups to receive this support include Mandurah Performing Arts Incorporated which received a $112,000 Lotterywest Grant in June towards audience development programs, to increase access to culture and arts for disadvantaged community members.

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