16 March 2016

‘Cool as a cucumber’ Lotto winner answers Lotterywest’s call

Things are getting big in WA, not only has OZ Lotto jackpotted to $40 million next week, Lotterywest’s call out to find a missing Division 1 Lotto winner has been answered by a casual Armadale man, five months after he’d won a $570,620 prize.

“I saw the article in the newspaper trying to find me so I thought I’d better get down to Lotterywest and sort it out!” said the man.

The winner recalled the day he purchased his Saturday Lotto ticket saying he was coming out of a shop and noticed Armadale Newsagency so decided to grab a ticket because he’d heard it was a lucky store.

“I didn’t think much more about the ticket after I’d bought it until I picked up the draw results about a month later.”

“I thought no one could have won on those numbers but when I checked my ticket I realised I was wrong because I’d just won Lotto. So I sealed the ticket in an envelope and went on a holiday!”

The laid back winner said he’s going to take his time thinking about what he may like to do with his winnings but it might involve something for his house and visiting friends overseas.

“I’ve actually played Lotto a bit more since I won because I know firsthand that people really do win!” laughed the man.

It’s not only WA’s lucky Lotto winners who get to celebrate each draw so can the local community with tomorrow’s $25 million Powerball jackpot alone expected to raise $1.15 million for the WA community.

The next six days are worth $86 million

The jackpot streak continues in WA with $86 million worth of prizes offered to players over the next six days.

It all begins tomorrow when Powerball boasts a $25 million jackpot, which leads into the $21 million Saturday Lotto Superdraw this weekend and to top it all off next Tuesday’s OZ Lotto draw has reached $40 million.

Over the four weeks of the Powerball jackpot roll there have been more than 125,000 WA winners sharing in over $2.7 million in prize money which could mean good things for players trying their luck tomorrow night and across the jackpot week.

Tickets for the triple treat of Lotto jackpots can be purchased by 6pm on the night of the draw in-store, through Play Online and the Lotterywest App.

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