Getting started

There are two ways to join us as a Lotterywest retailer. You can either purchase an existing store that is up for sale, or establish a new store.

Purchase an existing store

Have you found the perfect business? If you’re thinking about purchasing a business that already operates with lottery products, all you'll need to do is successfully complete our application process. It can take up to 30 working days to process an application, which should be taken into consideration when negotiating a settlement date.

Purchase process

Establish a new store

Start with a blank canvas! We’re always on the lookout for new opportunities, especially in areas of population growth so that our players have easy access to purchase and play Lotterywest games.

Each year we publish a retail distribution plan which lists the locations we have identified for the establishment of lottery stores for the following 12 months. It also provides information about how we identify locations and seek expressions of interest to establish new lottery stores.

The retail distribution plan is updated throughout the year and locations may be added as information becomes available.

New store process

Your application

Your application

Application and approval

Application and approval

Reach your business potential

Reach your business potential

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other sources of information I can refer to, such as industry bodies?

There are a number of organisations that can give you help and advice, before and during your time as a retailer. Examples are:

Is the Agreement a franchise?

All Lotterywest retailers operate under a formal Agreement that is specific to the owner, location and business type. Lotterywest retailers do not operate under a franchise. For more information, click here.

I would like to become a Lotterywest retailer - how do I go about this?

There are two ways to enter our network, either by establishing a new outlet or purchasing a business that already has a lottery outlet.
Please click here to access more information.

Where are the locations that Lotterywest wants to establish new lottery outlets?

All locations identified for new lottery outlets are listed on the Retail Distribution Plan.

What is the process to establish a new outlet?

Information on how to establish a new outlet can be found here.

Where is my nearest Lotterywest store?

Use our handy find a store locator to search for your nearest Lotterywest store. 

Does Lotterywest grant territorial exclusivity?

Lotterywest does not give retailers any territorial exclusivity in relation to the sale of lottery products and has full discretion in relation to the number and location of lottery outlets.

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What does my money support in WA?

Every year you help Lotterywest make more than 1,000 grants totalling over $100 million dollars. Which means that you're helping community organisations provide services, support and inspiration to people all over Western Australia. And the best part? All the money that you help give to our community comes from having fun playing the games! So why not pick up a ticket today and keep WA winning? 

How you're helping to care for our country
Grant stories

How you're helping to care for our country

“It’s our job to look after the environment, both sea and land…on behalf of elders and traditional owners.”

$882 million was returned to WA last year
Did you know?

$882 million was returned to WA last year