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Making grants

Making Grants

In a rapidly changing landscape – new needs and opportunities are emerging all the time.  Flexibility and responsiveness are two principles that guide our grant making.  Originally established in 1933, the scope of our grants has grown to encompass a constantly evolving range of initiatives which are as diverse as the community itself.

Our grants are aimed at achieving beneficial outcomes for the community.  Recognising that there are common requests, our list of grant types can guide you to a particular launchpad where you will find information about what we need to know about your request and an application form.

Lotterywest intends its grants to complement other sources of support, including a contribution from an organisation's own resources. We can also help you to combine our grant with other sources of support.

Don’t feel constrained by our list of grant types, as we encourage you to surprise us.  Once we have heard about your idea, we may even surprise you by seeing and suggesting fresh possibilities.  Between us, we aim to get the focus right and to help you to find new or innovative ways to achieve your goals.

Encouraging sustainability
Lotterywest takes a long-term view in making grants.  Broad community considerations, particularly environmental, mean that price may not be the only factor in determining value for money.  Don’t limit your thinking, we encourage you to be creative.

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