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Working for you

Working for you

Every year we make almost 1000 grants totalling over $100 million dollars.  Every day we have the privilege of working with community organisations that are providing services, support and inspiration to people throughout Western Australia.

Our grants exist to help community organisations make WA a better place for all.  The volume of our grants and the number of organisations we support provides us with a unique vantage point.  Collectively we collaborate on all kinds of ideas and projects to find ways to maximise the benefit to communities.

Our grants are intended to complement other sources of support, including a contribution from an organisation's own resources.

If you have an idea for a grant, please call us before you submit an application.  Our Grants team is here to offer ideas and advice, to share our experience and our network of contacts.  We can help convert your ideas into opportunities; together we can make a difference.

We welcome feedback
Maintaining strong and fruitful relationships with communities all over WA is one of our primary concerns.

To regularly review our ways of working with you, we rely on feedback.  Did we, for example, respond well to your initial approach and any subsequent dealings? Were our explanations clear?

Please keep in touch to tell us how we can do better.

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