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Media releases and publicity

Your Lotterywest grant could be a great news story and an opportunity to promote your organisation. Check out our sample media release and our tips below to help you hit the headlines.

  • Find out which newspapers, radio stations and online sites cover year area.
  • Telephone or email prior to sending a media release.
  • Clearly list your organisation’s name and contact details.
  • Include the area/location your story is relevant to.
  • A 200-word release (a single page) is five times as useful as one of 400 words (a single page)
  • Give lively and colourful information and include direct personal quotes.
  • Send a clear, enticing and informative photo (at least 300 dpi high quality resolution) as well as suggesting interesting visual images which you may be able to organise for the publication to photograph or film.
  • Make it as easy as possible for a reporter to contact or meet someone in your organisation.
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