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Richmond Fellowship WA

Helping people regain control

Story shared by: Joe Calleja – Richmond Fellowship WA

“Lotterywest has enabled our organisation to transform lives. We exist to help people experiencing mental distress. A giant leap forward was receiving funding to enable us to join the Hearing Voices Network, which has had success in Europe in the area of helping people with schizophrenia. The key was working with people to help them gain more control over their voices.

It’s been quite a revolution. The idea of a Hearing Voices group, let alone a Network, is so radical we would never have got funding from any standard mental health source. The Network has changed attitudes. You now have carers and consumers saying that by learning how to understand what voices are about and how to manage them, they are more in control of their life.

We believe people can recover. For us, the Hearing Voices Network represents the most significant example of a group of people reclaiming their lives.”

Watch this story shared by Amanda about her lived experience


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