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EON Foundation

On the edge of nowhere

Story shared by: Katrina Burton – EON Foundation

“The EON Foundation (Edge of Nowhere) works in remote Kimberley communities. Lotterywest grants have filled gaps a few times so that our programs can go ahead.

The program started in one community which soon expanded to three. Since then we’ve expanded again to another three, and now we’ve got nine altogether and are expanding to 12.

Not only have we increased the number of communities but our programs cover more things. The first was an edible garden, based on providing better nutrition, particularly to the kids. Now the program has four different parts. It’s the garden, plus there’s a comprehensive nutrition and cooking program. And we’ve also got a healthy homes aspect, which is about hygiene and reducing infections by having a healthier environment generally.

We see big changes in the schools where our food and nutrition program has been adopted as part of the curriculum. The kids know much more now, compared with when we started. They’re growing and watering plants, giving them food. So they’re getting the message that they’re like a plant that needs to be fed properly to grow. The kids see the need to put healthy stuff in their body and drink lots of water.”

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EON Foundation

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