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Brightwater Oats Street

Giving people their lives back

Story shared by: Dr Penny Flett – Brightwater Oats Street

“Brightwater is a large and widespread organisation, providing care and support to people, both young and old, in their homes or in our residences.

Our very special place at Oats Street in East Victoria Park for brain injury rehabilitation has been going for 22 years and is a wonderful example of how we have been helped by Lotterywest. It’s the only service like it in Australia.

Oats Street has had wide impact. A journalist at The West Australian spent a whole day there and wrote about a couple of people who really touched him.

One was a desperately disabled young man who couldn’t move anything except one foot. Our speech pathologist has given him communication. With an electronic device the young man can do Morse code with his foot. He now writes songs. He dictates them to his mother. She’s taken him home. He can now control his world because he can do this thing with his foot. So while he will never walk and never have his own life again, he can pursue the things that were really his passion.”

Watch this story shared by a Brightwater resident


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