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Awesome Arts

Bright young things

Story shared by: Jenny Simpson – Awesome Arts

“Over the years we’ve received grants, primarily for the AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things (AWESOME Festival).

For us it’s about showing our community the value of quality arts experiences for children. Putting quality into young children helps them become quality adults. These arts experiences help learning and development, giving young people opportunities to engage in creative expression.

We encourage families to enjoy experiences together. We love to see grandparents and extended family at our Festival and take pride in presenting an event that connects with the child in everyone.

I think the most important thing about the AWESOME Festival is the conversation families have afterwards. We’re leaving ideas inside people – enabling them to play together afterwards

In just five years our relationship with Lotterywest has shifted from being only about cash to one that fosters sector development, promotes organisational sustainability and has seen a dramatic shift and expansion in our ongoing conversation with WA families and our peers.

In terms of footprint, we have reached mainstream consciousness and the whole thing has blossomed into something that’s quite amazing. It’s a great joy to have been involved in that.”

Watch this story shared by Jenny 

Awesome Arts

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