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Lotterywest is the only Australian lottery with our own direct grants program, providing millions of dollars every month to Western Australian charities, community groups and local government authorities. Our support is made possible because of the retailers that sell our products and the players who play our games. The following are stories about the hard working beneficiaries of our grants who are committed to making a difference to their community.

If you have received a grant we welcome you to share your grant story.

setting sail Sail into life

Sail Into Life was a Rotary project to get people with a disability to enjoy sailing...

4x3_BridgetownCadets.JPG A new kind of independence

Our job is to improve the lives of people with a disability, the aged and their carers...

4x3Talbot.JPG Meeting our most basic need

Directing food which would otherwise be wasted to people in need...

Garnduwa Festival Keeping culture strong

Garnduwa is an Indigenous sport and recreation peak body for the Kimberley...

4x3_BridgetownCadets.JPG Giving people their lives back

Brightwater is a large and widespread organisation, providing care and support...

4x3_BridgetownCadets.JPG Helping people regain control

Lotterywest has enabled our organisation to transform lives. We exist to help people...

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