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Community and workplace buildings

Work Places

Community and workplace building grants can help develop spaces where people can come together to share interests or seek support. They can also provide accommodation for community organisations to carry out their work.

Please note: Grant requests of this type that are over $200,000 require an initial Expression of Interest. Please contact us first to discuss your idea and what’s needed to apply.

Application form

What we can support

  • Construction, fit-out and /or renovations to buildings that house organisations delivering services to the community or services such as community meeting places.
  • Purchase of a building or additions/renovations to an existing building to co-locate multiple community services

What we look for

  • Benefits of the space to your organisation’s current and future work
  • Community and stakeholder support including any foreseeable increases in community involvement through events/programs held in the space
  • Exploration of opportunities for shared accommodation with other organisations
  • Details of other building users or uses
  • Planning that demonstrates the facility will meet community need. For further details please refer to our grants for Organisational development or contact us
  • Ability of your organisation to manage and maintain the building
  • Long term viability of the building and your organisation
  • Contributions from relevant sources. Our grants are intended to be complementary.
  • Safe, secure and affordable buildings that are open to the whole community and are accessible and usable for people with disabilities
  • Planning and building approvals and compliance to relevant codes, standards and legislation
  • Consideration of heritage and environmental factors

What we won't support

  • Ongoing operation or core maintenance of buildings and community spaces.
  • Buildings to deliver a government contracted or purchased service.

Note: Please call a member of our Grants team if you think you have a case for us to provide support in any of the above areas.

Documents we need

  • A completed Lotterywest Expression of Interest Form. Please contact us and we will discuss your idea and what is needed to apply.

  • A completed Lotterywest Grant Application Form
  • Your latest Annual Report if you have one, or AGM minutes if you don’t and the most recent audited financial statements
  • A copy of your Constitution or equivalent document (not required for Local Government Authorities) Two written quotes (or one quantity survey/Architect's estimation)
  • A community usage policy (outlining how community use will be managed)  if applicable
  • Approval from the land and/or building owners
  • A project management plan (including risk management)
  • A formal valuation of the property by a licensed valuer and a building report (outlining the condition of the building) if applicable
  • A memorandum of understanding for shared accommodation (outlining the arrangements for co-location) if applicable
  • A minimum three-year management and operational plan including a budget (for requests more than $100,000)
  • If your group is unincorporated, a trust or a Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee or Shares, there are other things we need from you. Please refer to what we need.

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