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Vehicles grants can help organisations provide safe and convenient transport for clients and assist in service delivery; from cars and buses to tractors, boats and caravans.

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What we can support?

  • The cost of purchasing a vehicle to help provide a community service such as a community bus for a regional local government authority to take people to recreation activities; a boat so that people in wheelchairs can go fishing; a tractor to assist an Aboriginal community’s land maintenance program or a trailer to transport equipment to regional music events.
  • The leasing of a vehicle for time-limited community projects.
  • Vehicle modifications and accessories (such as child restraints or wheelchair hoists)

What we look for:

  • How the vehicle will support your organisation and benefit the community
  • Transport options you have considered (including opportunities to share with others)
  • Suitability of the vehicle for its intended purpose, including safety and value for money
  • Expertise and resources to manage and replace the vehicle
  • Details of your organisation’s current vehicles and any trade-in plans

What we won't support:

  • Expansion or replacement of large vehicle fleets unless tied to new service delivery
  • Replacement costs for a vehicle previously purchased with a Lotterywest grant unless there are exceptional circumstances that have prevented your organisation from setting aside funds for its replacement
  • Vehicles primarily for the personal use of staff and/or that form part of a salary packaging arrangement
  • Operating and maintenance costs

Documents we need:

  • A completed Lotterywest Grant Application Form
  • Your latest Annual Report (if you don’t have one, your AGM minutes and the most recent audited financial statements)
  • A copy of your Constitution or equivalent document (not required for Local Government Authorities)
  • Two written quotes for the vehicle (including any modifications and accessories)
  • A copy of your vehicle asset register and management plan
  • A copy of your vehicle use policy and procedure

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