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Icon - Grant Info Pathways through our landscape allow us to enjoy active recreation and to appreciate our natural and cultural environment. A Lotterywest grant can help you with planning, developing and promoting trails.
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When to apply

Applications for $25,000 or less can be submitted at any time.

There are annual closing dates for applications of more than $25,000.

CLOSING DATE:  14 March 2014

Who can apply?

These grants are available to not-for-profit organisations and local government authorities.

What can we support?

We support various types of trails such as walking, cycling, horse riding and paddling routes.  In general these grants fall into the four areas detailed below:

  • Planning – e.g. the development of regional trails master plans providing a direction by each local government authority in a region; the conversion of disused railway reserves into recreational trails; and the design and development of Aboriginal cultural trails.
  • Construction – e.g. the development of single and multi-use trails for walking; mountain biking and horse riding etc.
  • Upgrade – e.g. a boardwalk to establish trail connectivity across a wetland area to protect the vegetation and wildlife; improvements to existing track signage and the provision of universal access
  • Promotion and resources – e.g. a website providing a point of information and showcasing various regional trails through information, images, maps and user experiences, and the production of canoe trail maps showing river topography, entry and exit points and camping sites.

Applications of more than $25,000 generally require a contribution from applicants and/or other sources on a matching dollar for dollar basis. In-kind contributions can be up to 25% of the total project cost.

We want to understand what your needs and ideas are. Please talk to us before making an application.

Consultation with the Department of Sport and Recreation
Grants for trails are managed through a partnership between Lotterywest and the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR). DSR has an important role in the development of the Western Australian Trails Strategy and convenes the Trails Reference Group (a representative body to guide the ongoing planning of projects associated with trail development in WA).

Consultation with DSR will form part of the assessment of every application. Before submitting an application, contact your local DSR office for advice and specific assistance in completing your application. DSR’s contact details for regional offices can be found at on their website or by contacting the Trails Coordinator on 08 9492 9732 or the Perth Office on 08 9492 9700.

What we look for:

  • Projects that are identified in relevant local/regional/State-wide trails master plans
  • The development of multi-use trails where applicable
  • Consideration of the needs of trail users in consultations and planning
  • Community involvement in trail management, upkeep and promotion
  • Agreement of relevant stakeholders including local government(s) and land managers
  • Regional and sustainable strategies for trail promotion
  • Good project planning
  • Sound trail management, maintenance and sustainability
  • Appropriate design considerations and specifications
  • Active involvement of Indigenous people and communities (as appropriate)

Interpretive projects:

If your trails project is primarily about interpretation e.g. explaining and helping us to understand our natural or cultural heritage, please call us.

Documents we need:

  • A completed Lotterywest Grant Application Form
  • Your latest Annual Report if you have one, or AGM minutes if you don’t and the most recent audited financial statements
  • A copy of your Constitution
  • Two written quotes for items over $3,000; a written estimate, advertised price, or one written quote for items under $3,000 (low value, miscellaneous items can be grouped together to $1,000)

If your group is unincorporated, there are other things we need from you. Please refer to what we need.

For applications towards planning and promotion – we also need

  • A consultants brief or similar outlining project scope, the tasks to be undertaken and what will be produced as an end product
  • Maps, photos, plans, sketches, diagrams or other visual aids to assist assessment

For applications towards trails construction and upgrade – we also need

  • Design specifications including:

- Trail length, width, surface materials, drainage

- Trailhead facilities, signage and trail markers

  • How the design responds to user requirements, manages environmental considerations, meets appropriate design standards, and provides an integrated trail experience

Note: Unless specifically designed to provide for universal access, trail surfaces should be unsealed.

  • A trails management plan – identifying:

- Roles and responsibilities for ongoing management; and

- Care and promotion of your trail.

This should also include:

  • How ongoing maintenance issues will be identified and addressed and by whom
  • What financial provision will be made and by whom to cover the cost of annual trail maintenance and unforseen damage to infrastructure or trail
  • The approach to rehabilitating or realigning damaged trails
  • Volunteer involvement, management, training and recruitment strategies
  • How trail etiquette will be promoted and maintained
  • How risk will be managed
  • What user feedback mechanisms will be used
  • Details of any memorandum of understanding or similar
  • Maps, photos, plans, sketches, diagrams or other visual aids to assist assessment

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