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Research helps us to understand, question, formulate policy, realise opportunities and find solutions to challenges. A Lotterywest grant can help you undertake important research to make Western Australia a better place.

 Application Form

When to apply

Applications can be made at any time.

Who can apply?

These grants are available to not-for-profit organisations and local government authorities.

What can we support?

Research is fundamental, it builds knowledge, shapes policy development and informs service delivery in the community. We support community organisations to investigate, compare, evaluate and undertake action research.

We support research projects that:

  • Address WA social, cultural, economic, geographic, health and environmental issues
  • Add meaningfully to knowledge in a particular area
  • Inform policy
  • Result in learning that can be transferred
  • Bring researchers, practitioners, policy makers and consumers together

Grants can cover professional fees, salaries, administration, specialised equipment and minor capital works.

To ensure maximum benefit, we require the findings of the research to be broadly distributed and freely available to all interested groups.

Most importantly, we want to understand what your needs and ideas are. Please talk to us.

Our grants do not provide research that forms part of academic qualifications.

Medical research
We support organisations to undertake significant medical research. Grants may be provided for equipment and facilities that are not already available in Western Australia, and can be shared by the wider medical research community.

We can also support various projects e.g. feasibility studies and public forums where research groups and other stakeholders work together to advance medical research in Western Australia.

Our grants do not provide for clinical trials.

Please contact us to discuss your project before completing an application form.

What we look for:

  • Endorsement of the need for the research from all stakeholders including government and the community sector
  • Significant relevance to the WA community
  • Research that does not already exist, or builds on existing research
  • Findings that will inform policy makers and practitioners
  • A project steering group made up of key stakeholders e.g. government, non-government and consumers
  • Ability to oversee the project
  • Proven expertise of the researcher(s)
  • Sound planning
  • Other funding support and resources

Documents we need:

  • A completed Lotterywest Grant Application Form
  • Your latest Annual Report if you have one, or AGM minutes if you don’t and most recent audited financial statements
  • A copy of your Constitution
  • Details of the researcher’s credentials (including their previous work)
  • A project plan (including details of the project steering group and how findings will be shared)
  • A research plan (including methodology and details of the research team

Grant examples

Here are some examples of what our grants have helped:

  • Exploration of the experiences of families subject to fly-in fly-out working arrangements
  • Understanding the experiences and perceptions of children who witness domestic violence
  • Establishment of an Infectious Diseases Centre
  • Research into the underlying motivation for volunteering
  • Investigation into the social impacts of the diseases and the social support needs of adults living with Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and Motor Neurone Diseases
  • Exploration of the accommodation and related needs of non-heterosexual people considering or entering retirement
  • Establishment of a State Biomedical Research Facility
  • Examination of the relationship between local governments and the community sector with respect to the provision of community services

Further resources

Please see Resources and Links for more information.

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