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Good ideas are behind every project that makes our community a better place. A Lotterywest grant can help get your project up and running.

 Application Form

When to apply

Applications can be made at any time.

Who can apply?

These grants are available to not-for-profit organisations and local government authorities.

What can we support?

We support various types of projects. Some are small involving just a few people. Others cover the whole State.

A project can create and explore opportunities, address community issues and disadvantage, or simply raise awareness.

These grants can support all kinds of approaches to achieving your goal, for example establishing a land care project to promote sustainable living, a camp for parents impacted by substance abuse, which aims to strengthen child/parent relationships and improve health and well being, or developing resources to promote a local community focus on early childhood development.

Our grants are for projects with a start and end date, athough they can range in duration from one day to three or more years.

We often cover costs others do not fund. As well as project related equipment or supplies, we can cover time-limited operating costs, including wages, project administration, professional fees and travel. Depending on the length and potential benefit of the project, we may also support capital costs.

Most importantly, we want to understand what your needs and ideas are. Please talk to us.

What we look for:

  • How the project relates to your organisation’s purpose
  • How the idea for the project came about, its community importance and expected benefits
  • Community and stakeholder support for the project
  • Strong project planning, management and expertise
  • Good governance, evaluation and learning strategies
  • Considerations of what will happen after completion

Documents we need

  • A completed Lotterywest Grant Application Form
  • Your latest Annual Report if you have one, or AGM minutes if you don’t and the most recent audited financial statements
  • A copy of your Constitution
  • Two written quotes for items over $3,000; a written estimate, advertised price, or one written quote for items under $3,000 (low value, miscellaneous items can be grouped together to $1,000)
  • A project budget (including salary costs)
  • A project plan (for applications more than $50,000)

If your group is unincorporated, there are other things we need from you. Please refer to what we need.

Grant examples

Here are some examples of projects our grants have helped:

  • An educational package about early brain development for parents and carers
  • A resource for refugee families to understand and develop more confidence in the local community
  • A camp for young Aboriginal people, along with elders to participate in a range of experiences that will build friendships and cultural understanding of their ancestors
  • Raising awareness about family and domestic violence amongst young people and developing peer education networks
  • Assisting elders and young people from Aboriginal desert communities return to country, and to record the exercise for intergenerational learning
  • Day activities for young people with a disability that provides opportunities to learn new life skills, foster independence and increase self-esteem
  • The preservation of an Aboriginal language and culture
  • Linking seniors to recreational activities outside the home to increase their sense of community and help to adjust to major life changes

We offer many other types of grants, including for research and community events. If your idea does not seem to fit this grant area, our other grant types may help.

Further resources

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