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Information technology and web

I.T. and Web

Information technology (IT) and web grants can help organisations to deliver services, innovate, build their capacity and add value to their business.

 Application Form

What we can support

  • Hardware including servers and computers (generally a maximum of one laptop, desktop or tablet per person)
  • “Off the shelf” software, database development, apps and office applications
  • Website design, creation and upgrades
  • ICT system establishment costs
  • Capacity building projects or feasibility studies, particularly those involving other not-for-profit organisations

Note: Lotterywest support for a feasibility study does not guarantee Lotterywest support for subsequent stages of the project

What we look for

  • ICT solutions that address key business needs
  • Effective planning for the ICT project, its implementation, including staff training and ongoing management
  • An appropriate level of contribution to the project from the applicant / other funders
  • The sharing of knowledge and resources with other not-for-profit organisations

What we won’t support

  • Ongoing operating items or expenses including mobile phones, renting IT equipment and the maintenance of computing systems including cloud computing
  • Customisation of software, including apps for individual organisations
  • ICT to deliver a government contracted or purchased service
  • Replacement of ICT infrastructure previously purchased with a Lotterywest Grant

Note: Please call a member of our Grants team if you think you have a case for us to provide support in any of the above areas.

Documents we need

  • A completed Lotterywest Grant Application Form
  • Details of your IT planning, including how your request relates to your strategic plan and business objectives and  how it will be implemented on an ongoing basis
  • Evidence of your organisation’s capacity to successfully plan, implement, manage and maintain the ICT solution you are requesting
  • Technical Needs Assessment (for requests over $50,000) 
  • For website development grants, an outline of the proposed website content
  • Your organisation’s latest Annual Report (if you don’t have one, your AGM minutes and the most recent audited financial statements)
  • A copy of your Constitution or equivalent document (not required for Local Government Authorities) 
  • Two written quotes for items over $3,000; a written estimate, advertised price, or one written quote for items under $3,000 (low value, miscellaneous items can be grouped together up to $1,000)
  • If your group is unincorporated, a not-for-profit company or a Trust, there are other things we need from you. Please refer to what we need.

What is a Technical Needs Assessment?

A Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) provides your organisation with the information needed to make decisions about investment in technology.

A TNA should establish a clear link between your organisation’s strategic plan, proposed technology and the business outcomes required.

The TNA should outline what your organisation does, what else needs to be done, and how newer technology will help your organisation achieve its goals. A staff member may undertake the TNA for your organisation or you may engage an external “expert” to provide information about the possibilities technology can offer based on the needs you identify.  

How to Create a Technology Needs Assessment and Planning Your Technology Initiatives are helpful online resources. Other information you may source, to guide you through the development of a TNA.  We encourage you to use these, along with other information you may source, to guide you through the development of a TNA.

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