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Community spaces outdoor

Community Spaces

Community Spaces Outdoor grants can help create spaces for people to come together and join in activities that benefit their well-being such as skate parks, playgrounds, memorials, and community gardens.

Please note: Grant requests of this type that are over $200,000 require an initial Expression of Interest. Please contact us first to discuss your idea and what's needed to apply.

Application Form

What we can support

  • Creation of skate parks
  • Development of playgrounds
  • Memorials marking our culture, heritage and community sentiment
  • Design of community gardens to promote sustainable living
  • Earthworks, play equipment and shade facilities
  • Temporary infrastructure that may make public spaces more welcoming for people

What we look for

  • Community and stakeholder support including any foreseeable increases in community involvement resulting from the grant project
  • Planning that demonstrates the facility will meet community need. For further details please refer to our grants for Organisational development
  • Ability of your organisation to manage and maintain the outdoor space
  • Long term viability of the space and your organisation
  • Contributions from relevant sources. Our grants are intended to be complementary
  • Safe, secure and affordable spaces that are open to the whole community and are accessible and usable for people with disability
  • Planning and building approvals and compliance to relevant codes, standards and legislation
  • Consideration of heritage and environmental factors

What we won't support

  • Ongoing operation or maintenance of facilities and community spaces.
  • Civil infrastructure that is the core responsibility of local councils.

Note: Please call a member of our Grants team if you think you have a case for us to provide support in any of the above areas.

Documents we need

  • A completed Lotterywest Expression of Interest Form and supporting information. Please contact us and we will discuss your idea and what is needed to apply

For requests less than $200,000:

  • A completed Lotterywest Grant Application Form
  • Your latest Annual Report if you have one, or AGM minutes if you don’t and the most recent audited financial statements
  • A copy of your Constitution or equivalent document (not required for Local Government Authorities) Two written quotes (or one quantity survey/Architect's estimation)
  • A community usage policy (outlining how community use will be managed) if applicable
  • Approval from the land and/or building owners
  • A project management plan (including risk management)
  • A minimum three-year management and operational plan including a budget (for requests more than $100,000)

If your group is unincorporated, a trust or a Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee or Shares, there are other things we need from you. Please refer to what we need.

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