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Before applying, be sure to check what we do and don’t support and call us on 08 9340 5270 or 1800 655 270 to discuss. Our range of grant types gives you an idea of what we can support. If your idea doesn't fit one of these or your request covers more than one grant type, please talk to us.

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Check our application support page for more helpful tips.


Grant application forms expire 90 days after being downloaded from the Lotterywest website.

If your form has expired, please call Lotterywest’s Technical help line on 08 9340 5260 or toll free on 1800 173 088 for advice on how to progress your application.

Grant application forms cannot be downloaded from mobile devices.

Anzac Centenary

Lotterywest will be offering grants during the Anzac Centenary period, to help WA communities commemorate, share and record their stories and experiences on how war has shaped our society and way of life...


A project might explore opportunities, address community issues or raise awareness about an issue. It might be directly related to commemoration of the Anzac legend or explore another aspect of our social history, like the impact of war on migration patterns in WA. These grants can support all kinds of approaches to achieving your goal...

Community events

These grants can help communities acknowledge the Anzac Centenary through commemorative events, community gatherings and other occasions...

Big ideas

Big ideas grants can help organisations transform our communities and benefit future generations. They can be the catalyst for important change, create enduring community assets and support large scale projects.

Community histories

Community stories shape us and help us understand our identity. These grants provide for the recording and sharing of past experiences of a place, organisation or event that will explore how war and conflict have shaped our society and way of life during the Centenary period...

Big ideas

Big ideas grants can help organisations transform our communities and benefit future generations. They can be the catalyst for important change, create enduring community assets and support large scale projects.

Community events

Community events grants can help communities stage festivals, fairs, awareness days and other occasions to celebrate and share who they are and what they value.    Please note: Given the time sensitive nature of events, your application needs to be received at least four months before you need a decision from Lotterywest.

Community spaces outdoor

Community Spaces Outdoor grants can help create spaces for people to come together and join in activities that benefit their well-being such as skate parks, playgrounds, memorials, and community gardens.

Emergency relief

Emergency Relief grants can help organisations providing people in urgent need with food, clothing, shelter, transport and other essentials.

Furniture and equipment

Most organisations need equipment and materials to work or play with. These grants provide for the office items, whitegoods, tools or toys to support your activities …

Heritage and conservation

Heritage and Conservation grants can help organisations to conserve, protect, explain and share various aspects of our heritage. Heritage and conservation grants fall into four areas: conservation of natural heritage, conservation of cultural heritage, interpretation of cultural heritage and community histories.

Information technology and web

Information technology (IT) and web grants can help organisations to deliver services, innovate, build their capacity and add value to their business.

Organisational development

Developing your organisation helps you look ahead and grow. These grants help organisations plan for the future, explore options, provide for feasibility studies or volunteer and leadership training to deliver better services and more…


Good ideas are behind every project that makes our community a better place. A Lotterywest grant can help get your project up and running.

Regional performing arts

Regional performing arts grants give people living in small regional towns and remote areas the opportunity to participate in performing arts shows and events. These grants support creative ways to develop and grow audiences at regional arts events.


Study helps us to understand, question, formulate policy, realise opportunities and find solutions to challenges. These grants provide for the identification, exploration and analysis of issues…


Trails grants can help with the planning, development and promotion of all types of trails such as walking, cycling, horse riding and paddling routes.


Providing client transport or delivering your services requires safe and convenient transport. These grants provide for vehicles which best meet your needs, from cars and buses to boats and caravans…

Community and workplace buildings

Community and workplace building grants can help develop spaces where people can come together to share interests or seek support. They can also provide accommodation for community organisations to carry out their work.

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