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Strategic planning


Strategic plans are focussed on your organisation’s vision and its purpose. They should provide the framework and a reference point to guide everything you do.

  • Strategic plans set high level strategies to help your organisation achieve its goals and guide all activities.
  • Strategic planning should involve all levels of management including your Board, management committee and executive staff.

What’s included?

  • Your central purpose or mission
  • What you are trying to achieve, your vision
  • Specific actions
  • How success is defined and when it will be achieved
  • Your organisation’s strengths, assets, opportunities and distinctive qualities, as well as weaknesses, areas of concern, risks and threats

Questions worth asking

  • How do you know your mission and vision are the best ones for your organisation?
  • Who are you seeking to serve?
  • What assumptions are you making?
  • Are there other organisations with similar objectives? How will you work with other stakeholders?
  • Do your strategies complement each other?
  • How will you provide the right resources, especially in governance and skills?


  • Consider your resources, including people’s skills as well as equipment and finances to keep focussed and practical
  • Ask yourselves the tough questions. Be realistic about your limitations
  • Always test your assumptions, especially about what you think will work and why
  • Be honest about risks and obstacles
  • Think about that the things that are out of your control. Ask yourselves how your strategic plan might help your organisation adapt to change
  • Get input from stakeholders with as many different perspectives as possible
  • Don’t rush things; make it acceptable to have – and throw out – bad ideas
  • Use your strategic plan as a management tool and a focus point for your operations

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