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Asset Mangement

Photocopiers, furniture, storage systems, computer hardware, recreational gear, safety equipment and toys are examples of assets your organisation might rely on for day-to-day tasks.

Worth considering

  • Define which assets should be documented in your organisation’s asset register
  • Decide which assets justify a more detailed level of asset management e.g. computer systems
  • Communicate a clear, practical management policy/procedure for each key asset

Questions to ask

Some of these may already be covered if you have an asset register in place.

  • Where is your asset kept and used?
  • How is it protected from damage?
  • Are there policies and procedures governing its use?
  • How is the asset to be maintained and repaired?
  • When and how will it be replaced?
  • How and when is it to be disposed of?

Additional questions for key assets

  • Do you have contingency plans if something happened to your asset?
  • Do you have adequate insurance?
  • Do you have enough security in place to protect your asset?
  • Have you budgeted for maintenance and replacement?
  • Do you need to review your record-keeping procedures for this asset?
  • Do you need to review lines of responsibility?
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