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Engaging support

Engaging others

 Getting the right support, for your project can mean bringing in more financial resources, new expertise, contacts and in-kind support. It can make a big difference to transforming your idea into reality.

Lotterywest and other support

Generally we would not expect to be the only source of funding for your request, even though we may be the major contributor. We also anticipate that most organisations will make a contribution from their own resources, whether financial or in kind. We are able to work with you to help develop other resources and relationships to make your project more viable.

Questions to consider

Before looking for external support, it’s important to think through and be totally clear about why you need support and what for. Starting from this point will help you to decide who to approach, how to engage them in a relevant way, and rouse enthusiasm for your proposal.

It can help to think about questions such as:

  • What is it that we are trying to do?
  • Why do we think this idea will make a difference to our community?
  • Are we sure that in all likelihood the project will work, and difference it will make, are worth the time, effort and money it will require?
  • Would other ideas be effective?
  • What makes us the best organisation to receive support for this?
  • Are there other organisations we could work with on this?
  • Do we have the skills and resources to do this properly?
  • Is this project viable?
  • Is this project sustainable?
  • What might go wrong and prevent this project being completed or being effective?
  • How can we reduce and manage risks?
  • What are the most appropriate sources of funding?


  • Identify and prioritise your goals and what is needed first. Question whether it reflects your strategic and business plans
  • Keep a file or drawer for all the information needed for completing application forms, including official details and documents, media clippings, planning documents, statistics, annual reports and other in-house publications, letters of support, auditor’s reports, insurance information and copies of previous application forms
  • Remember that seeking, obtaining and then managing a grant can be a lot of work and comes with responsibility. Before you look for support for any idea or project, think through its feasibility and likely effectiveness to make sure it is worth it
  • Ring and discuss whether your proposal is something that will be considered by the organisation you’re targeting for support
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