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Engaging a consultant

Engaging others

Whether you are developing a strategic, business or marketing plan, conducting a training review, planning your information and communications technology needs or designing a community facility - engaging a consultant may help.

 When a consultant might help

  • If you need expert advice
  • When you don't have enough people to do the work
  • If attempts to do something internally haven't worked
  • To help move past internal differences of opinion
  • When you need a fresh view
  • To challenge your organisation’s culture and assumptions

Choosing a consultant

Look for someone:

  • Who is recommended by others
  • With a proven track record in providing relevant, high quality advice
  • With a high level of expertise and the ability to offer fresh ideas
  • Who understands your organisation, its work and values
  • Who can add value by sharing and building skills with your staff
  • Whose working and communication style suit the project

Paying for a consultant

We can help with the cost of engaging a consultant. For more details please refer to our Organisational Development grants or contact us.

You may also want to explore options for pro bono (free) or discounted consultancy support.

Lotterywest Register of Consultants

We’ve developed a document designed to help grants customers find consultancy support to suit their project.

The Lotterywest Register of Consultants identifies a selection of consultants, together with referees, who’ve provided services to other community organisations and/or local government authorities in a range of areas.

The inclusion of a consultant in the Register is not an endorsement of their work by Lotterywest. It is up to grant customers to do their own research to determine whether a consultant is suitable for their project.

You do not need to use the services of one of these consultants for your project to be supported.

Register of Consultants

Updating the Register of Consultants

To help us keep the Register current and useful, we welcome your feedback. Contact us with your comments and changes at:


telephone: (08) 9340 5270 or 1800 655 270


  • Don’t hire a consultant to justify a decision that has already been made.
  • Make sure everyone in your organisation understands what the consultancy is doing and what will be provided.
  • Provide a clear written brief to the consultant before engaging them outlining what you want done and why.
  • For contracts over $3,000, source at least two written quotes based upon a brief so you can compare the offers of services being made.
  • Make sure you agree exactly what you want the consultant to deliver, together with a defined timeframe.
  • Ask someone, ideally with contracts expertise, to check the contract before you sign and engage the consultant.
  • Be prepared to modify the contract if circumstances change.
  • Use the contract as a reference point to make sure you receive what you have agreed before making a final payment.

Other resources

 Common Use Agreements (CUAs)

  • CUAs are whole-of-government standing offers.
  • They are awarded to a single or panel of suppliers to provide goods or services commonly used by government agencies.
  • Western Australian public authorities, other government entities, local government authorities and registered Public Benevolent Institutions can buy from CUA suppliers.
  • Your organisation may be in a position to benefit from CUA arrangements.
  • Find out more here:


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