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Grants approach to purchased services

This information explains our approach to grant applications for items which relate to services that are purchased (tendered or contracted) by Local, State and Federal Governments.

Lotterywest can support requests that are not part of government purchase arrangements. This can include:

  • Components that add value to the purchased service (see examples below).
  • Items that support aspects of the organisation’s work that are not part of government purchase arrangements (see the examples below); and items that support the organisation’s corporate services and development (see examples below).

The State Government’s Delivering Community Services in Partnership (DCSP) policy sets out the approach between Government and the not-for-profit (NFP) sector to focus on the achievement of outcomes and make sure community services are financially viable.

Lotterywest grants can support  areas of activity that are not part of the services purchased by Government, irrespective of if these contracts were agreed on a competitive basis or via a preferred service provider process.

We will consider grant applications related to community services purchased via a government contract once the contract has been finalised.

Examples of how the approach may be applied 

Refurbishment of a building offering homeless services

If the State Government purchases the provision of a basic accommodation service for homeless people from a not-for-profit organisation, we would not support core costs related to service delivery (for example the building and basic fit out from which the service is delivered). If, for example, the purchased service did not extend to the supply of window coverings or air conditioning for the building, to increase the comfort for residents, a grant to support these value added items may be considered.

Vehicle for a women’s refuge

We would not provide support for core elements of a Government funded women’s refuge building or purchased service operations. We could consider a request towards a vehicle that would help with the transportation of women using that refuge to medical or legal appointments (if that fell outside the scope of the service purchased by Government).

Project to trial new service

We have provided support to add value to purchased service elements. For example a two year pilot project to trial online training programs was supported to provide additional services to the face to face training which was purchased by Government.

Arts organisations

Our approach applies to government funded arts organisations. We may consider supporting activities outside of government funding which use art as a means for community development including those that support community access, involvement and participation in culture and the arts. We may also support requests towards the organisational development of arts organisations.

Organisational development, improved corporate capacity and infrastructure

We recognise that some requests support organisational development, improved corporate capacity and/or infrastructure beyond specific Government purchased services. We will consider these situations and the overall context including; the amount requested, what needs will be met by Lotterywest support as well as the contribution by the organisation.

Examples where Lotterywest could consider grant support include:

  • support towards information technology to support the finance, payroll, human resources and marketing functions across an organisation’s programs and sites throughout WA.
  • Support towards communications systems for an organisation.
  • Support for a strategic review.
  • Support with future planning including partnership and merger explorations.

Please contact us to talk through your situation and how our approach applies to your grant application.

Information updated December 2015

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