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More information

Before applying

Who and what can we support?

We provide grants for organisations ranging from small unincorporated groups to large multi-functional organisations. These must be either a not-for-profit organisation or local government authority to be eligible. Individuals are not eligible to receive a Lotterywest grant.

All applications need to include documents that show good governance as part of their application.

We provide grants for purposes that are charitable or benevolent (in other words, for public good). The benefit of the grant must be within Western Australia. Your request for a grant should relate to your organisation’s objectives, as outlined in your constitution or mission statement.

If you are not sure your organisation or project would be eligible for support, please contact us.

What kind of support is provided?

We give grants to organisations and projects across the breadth of community life. This includes:

  • Community support – to add to shared community buildings and facilities and support participation opportunities such as through community events
  • Community sector support – to build on cross-agency partnership opportunities and strengthen sector capacity to work with their communities
  • Organisational development – to help build not-for-profit capacity and effectiveness in delivering on their mission
  • Community member support – to offer some assistance to community members via community agencies, such as with emergency relief funds and with travel for regional audience members to help reduce community disadvantage

We intend our grants to complement other sources of support, including a contribution from an organisation's own resources. We can help you to combine our grant with other sources of support.

Most importantly, we want to understand what your needs and ideas are.

Our broad range of grant types gives you more detail on what we can support and what is needed in order to submit an application.

What don’t we support?

We welcome all ideas and will work with you to explore ways we may provide support. Below are some areas we do not support:

  • Competitive sporting activities e.g. equipment or a vehicle that will support competitive sporting games
  • Activities and assets that are core school responsibilities e.g. playground equipment for schools or education materials. However, support can be considered for eligible groups operating projects linked to schools that meet a need identified by the community e.g. project and equipment costs for a music program targeted at improving outcomes for disadvantaged children.
  • Interstate or overseas projects (including those located on Christmas Island or Cocos (Keeling) Islands). However, we can consider projects run by international or national groups where the project will take place in WA or be of direct benefit to WA
  • Ongoing operating costs, other than in an emergency or for projects with an end date. Where relevant we ask for projects with an internal wage component to have a sustainability plan beyond Lotterywest support.
  • Promotion of a particular religious or spiritual philosophy. Our support to faith based groups focuses on welfare and community service activities that are not of a religious nature
  • Retrospective requests
  • Costs associated with the core delivery of a service purchased by Local, State and Federal Governments.

If you are unsure about whether we can support your request, please contact us.

How do I evidence ‘good governance’ within my organisation?

Governance means the way an organisation is set up and run.

Lotterywest needs to be confident that grant applicants can responsibly and reliably handle any approved grant funding and effectively deliver the project or items supported.

To show your organisation is well managed and operated, we ask applicants to provide us with their organisation’s constituent documents, which usually include their governance arrangements, and a list of Directors/Board Members. Relevant information can also be found in documents such as minutes from Board or Management meetings, policies and codes of conduct.

Advice is available to help not-for-profit organisations make sure they have appropriate governance arrangements in place.

More information is available here.

What if the request relates to items for a project or service that is or will be purchased by government?

Lotterywest can support requests that are outside the scope of government purchase arrangements. This can include value add components to the purchased service, items that support aspects of the organisation’s work that are not part of government purchase arrangements and items that support the organisation’s corporate services and development.

More information is provided on our grants approach to purchased services.

How much to ask for?

We accept applications from $1,000 upwards. You should apply for the amount that you need to serve the purpose properly. Please don’t under or over estimate your request.

Generally we would not expect to be the only source of funding. We intend our grants to complement other sources of support, including a contribution from your organisation's own resources. We can also help you to combine our grant with other sources of funding.

Are there any limits?

We have limits for unincorporated groups and organisations not GST registered. The limit is a combined total of up to $15,000 for each financial year.

For all other applicants we rarely impose a maximum on grant amounts. Wherever a limit applies to a grant type, it will be detailed in the grant information.

Is there anybody I can talk to?

Absolutely. Our Grants team are keen to work with you and understand your needs. It is important that you call us before submitting an application. We are here to listen, discuss and help. Contact us.

What resources does Lotterywest provide?

Our Grants team is here to share our experience and can offer a sounding board, our network of contacts, as well ideas and advice.

As well as information about our grants, we have resource kits about:

We also provide links to a range of external publications giving information on grant making and philanthropy, the not-for-profit sector, issues affecting the WA community and more.

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