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How can I apply?

If your organisation has a grant request in mind, it is important that you read our grant information and call us to discuss before you submit an application. 

If you have more than one request in mind, please discuss with us. Our Grants team can suggest how best we can accommodate your request.

Once you are ready to submit an application form, you can access our application forms from our Grant Types page.

When can I apply?

Applications for most Lotterywest grant types can be made at any time.

As of 31 March 2015, applications for the following grant types will no longer be managed via grant rounds and can be made at any time:

  • Emergency relief
  • Conservation of cultural heritage
  • Interpretation of cultural heritage
  • Regional audience development
  • Trails

More information is available on annual grants to the following types of youth groups: Guides, Police and Citizen Youth Clubs, Local Drug Action Groups, Australian Army and Air Force Cadets and Scouts.

What we need

All requests

  • A completed Lotterywest Grant Application Form
  • Quotes:

For items over $3,000, two written quotes per item from different suppliers
For items under $3,000, one written estimate, advertised price or quote per item
(smaller miscellaneous items up to $1,000 can be grouped)

Please contact us if it's difficult for you to get quotes.

  • Latest Annual Report, or AGM minutes if you do not have an Annual Report
  • The names and contact details of two referees (you are welcome to provide letters of support, although this is not essential)
  • Any additional attachments outlined in the grant information or application form

Incorporated organisations - we also need copies of:

  • Your Constitution
  • Your most recent audited financial statements, for both your organisation and the service to which the grant relates 

Please note: In some instances Lotterywest will accept financial statements prepared by your Treasurer but not audited. Please discuss this with a member of our Grants team before submitting your application.

Unincorporated groups - we also need copies of:

  • Minutes of your last two Board or committee meetings
  • Any other documentation with evidence of your organisation’s role and function. This could be your Constitution, press clippings or letters of support and appreciation
  • A recent bank statement confirming your organisation’s name
  • Recent financial statements such as audited accounts or Treasurer’s report

Grant conditions

All organisations are required to agree to the Lotterywest General Conditions of Grant.

If you are applying for a Community spaces or Work places grant, a Lotterywest Building Grant Agreement may apply.

If you are applying for a Project, Research or Big ideas grant a Lotterywest Project Grant Agreement may apply.

General Conditions of Grant
Lotterywest Building Grant Agreement
Lotterywest three party Building Grant Agreement (where the property is a leasehold property)
Lotterywest three party Building Grant Agreement (where the property is a freehold property)
Lotterywest Project Grant Agreement 

Please note: The clauses listed in these documents are provided as a guide. Further conditions may apply to your grant and these would be communicated in your grant approval advice letter if a grant is approved.

How much can I ask for?

We accept applications from $1,000 upwards. You should apply for the amount that you need to serve the purpose properly. Please don’t under or over estimate your request.

  • There are limits for unincorporated groups and organisations not GST registered. The limit is a combined total of up to $15,000 for each financial year.
  • For a few grant types there are limits. These are detailed in the relevant grant information.

How much of my request will Lotterywest support?

We do not have set amounts, however we would not expect to be the only source of funding. Our grants are intended to be complementary.

We anticipate that most organisations will make a contribution from their own resources, whether financial or in kind. We can help you to combine our grant with other sources of support.

What other sources of support are available?

Other support may come from a range of sources including government, agencies, philanthropists, corporates, local governments, financing arrangements and your own fundraising activities.

The Department of Local Government has developed an online grants directory to help communities and local governments in regional and metropolitan Western Australia in locating sources of financial assistance for their projects and initiatives.

It may be appropriate to seek a loan or leasing arrangement to help meet some of the costs of your project. Banks and other financial institutions will often support not-for-profit organisations with financing solutions for capital items such as buildings, information technology or vehicles. You may want to talk to your own bank first to discuss what financing options might be available to your organisation and then see what other options may exist from other providers.

How likely am I to be successful?

Lotterywest approves over 1000 grant applications every year. Our intent is to provide grants and support your idea if we can.

Check out our common grant types to find the one that fits best with your request and then please call us to discuss before you submit an application.

How much information should I provide?

We have no limit on the amount of information you can provide, although we encourage you to provide only the level of detail necessary. If your application includes a lot of information, it can be helpful if you add an index to your attachments. It may also be useful to provide a summary to give us an overview of your request.

How many times can I apply?

There are no set limits on how often you can apply. We consider the need for the request and the benefit it will support. Please contact our Grants team so we can discuss your needs.

How long is the process?

If your application is complete when you submit it to us  it will generally take four months to progress to the Lotterywest Board for consideration. If your request is more complex, or there are aspects of your application that are outstanding or need development, it can take longer. Please factor in these timeframes for funding your event or project. We will let you know as soon as possible if your application is not eligible for Lotterywest support, not ready to progress or hasn’t provided enough time for us to assess it before you need an outcome.

How are applications assessed?

Your application will be assessed by a member of our Grants team who then makes a recommendation to the Lotterywest Board. Our Board reviews all grant recommendations. A final recommendation is then presented to the Minister for Lotterywest for approval. 

What do we mean by a delegated signing authority?

Lotterywest grant conditions and agreements must be signed by the person legally able to enter into contracts on behalf of the organisation. We refer to this person as the legal signatory.

  • For incorporated organisations, the legal signatory is normally the Chairperson or President
  • For Local Government Authorities, the legal signatory is generally the Chief Executive Officer
  • For Aboriginal Corporations, the legal signatory is usually two Directors
  • For not-for-profit Companies and Trusts, the legal signatory is generally 2 Directors / or a Director and Secretary

Your organisation’s constitution or equivalent document usually provides who the legal signatory is. Please check this document if you are not sure.

If your organisation’s legal signatory chooses to give this responsibility to someone else within your organisation we refer to the person nominated for responsibility as the ‘Delegated Authority’. If this is the case for your organisation, you need to complete our Delegated Signing Authority Form.

Please note:you only need to complete this form once and it will remain on our records for future grant applications. You will only need to complete this form again if your ‘Delegated Authority’ changes.

Do I need to provide an Australian Business Number (ABN) number?

  • If you have an ABN yes, please provide your eleven digit number in your application
  • If you do not have an ABN, as part of the conditions of grant you will need to declare your organisation:
  1. Is not eligible for an ABN because you do not meet the definition of ‘enterprise’ for tax purposes, or
  2. Has an ‘exempt income’ status, or
  3. The application for an ABN has been rejected by the Tax Office

We cannot approve grants to your organisation if it is eligible for an ABN but does not have one.
If unsure, please check with us.

Can we submit a joint application with another organisation?

Yes. However, we do need a single eligible organisation to be responsible for each application.

Can Lotterywest help me prepare a grant application?

We can’t prepare an application for you, however a member of our Grants team will be happy to talk about your proposal and provide information to help you develop the application.. It is important that you call us to discuss your idea or project before submitting an application.

Can I apply for another grant, if I haven't acquitted the last grant yet?

Yes. We understand that it is not always practical to acquit a previous grant before you apply for another grant. We will need to consider what stage your previous grant is at and why it hasn't been acquitted. Any decision on a new grant request will take this information into consideration.

Can retrospective requests be considered?

We can’t provide grants to cover items or expenses incurred prior to grant approval unless exceptional circumstances apply. If you believe exceptional circumstances apply in your situation you must talk to us about these circumstances and whether we may consider a retrospective request ahead of submitting your application.

ABN and GST details

  • Double check your ABN details and GST status
  • Don’t include the GST in your request. If your organisation is not registered for GST and would find it difficult to pay the tax, please indicate this in the application form when completing your budget. We can talk with you about including the GST component of goods or services as part of our assessment.
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