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Payment and acquittal


How are payments made?
Once a grant is approved, we will send you a letter telling you what has been approved and what is required for payment to be made.

Grants are paid through an electronic funds transfer.  Please make sure that the bank account details you provide in your application are those of your organisation’s main operating account.

Acquittal of your grant
All organisations who receive our support are accountable for the expenditure of a grant within a given timeframe.  Our grant acquittal processes are very simple and are explained once your grant is approved.  It’s important to read your grant approval letter.

Generally grant acquittal will require you to:

  • Comply with the grant agreement
  • Meet any grant conditions
  • Show expenditure of the grant by providing copies of invoices or receipts
    or by submitting a completed Payment Request Form

Payment Request Form
If your grant approval letter asks you to submit a Payment Request Form you can download it here.

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