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Combo Packs

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The easy way to play your favourite games.

Combo Packs are an easy and convenient way to play a variety of games across the week and now include Set for Life!

There are four packs to choose from.

Combo packs

How do I purchase Combo Packs?

Combo Packs are available exclusively in-store so visit your Lotterywest store and choose the Combo Pack that you would like to buy. Your retailer will print a ticket for each game included in your chosen Combo Pack and give you all the tickets. Make sure you have all the games before you leave the store!

What's great about them?

  • All tickets are Slikpik entries so there's no need to fill in a playslip
  • System entries are available in the $100 Combo Pack
  • You can 'ticket repeat' some or all of your Combo Pack tickets
  • They are a great gift idea
  • Purchase a Combo Pack each week to ensure you never miss a game.

What games are in the Combo Packs?

Each Combo Pack is made up of different games and number of draws. For example, the $30 pack includes:

  • 5 Saturday Lotto games
  • 5 Monday Lotto games
  • 4 OZ Lotto games
  • 5 Wednesday Lotto games
  • 5 Powerball games
  • 2 Set for Life SETS
  • 2 Soccer Pools games
  • 1 Super66 game
  • 1 Cash 3 draw

Can I change the games in a Combo Pack?

The combination of games in a Combo Pack is fixed. If the combination contains a game that you do not wish to play, you may like to purchase the games separately instead.

Will I be able to use my own numbers or play my favourite numbers with Combo Packs?

All Combo Pack tickets are Slikpik entries so there’s no need to fill in a playslip.

Can I purchase Combo Packs any day of the week?

Yes, Combo Packs can be purchased any day of the week. The pack will include a ticket in every game included in the pack for the seven days from the day of purchase.

What are the benefits of purchasing a Combo Pack?

It’s a convenient and easy way to play a wide range of games for a set price. You get a ticket in a range of games over the seven days from your day of purchase in one pack.

When can I claim my prize?

As each Combo Pack contains a separate ticket for each game, you can claim your prize the day following that draw. Simply take your ticket in-store and remember to hang on to the remaining tickets in your pack until all the draws are complete.

Do the games cost more to play in a Combo Pack?

The cost of each game is the same in the Combo Packs compared to if you were to buy them separately; we've just packaged them up for your convenience.

Will I be able to purchase multiweeks or advance play with Combo Packs?

No, however you will be able to purchase a Combo Pack and choose to start any day within the next seven days of your purchase.

Are Combo Packs available as syndicates?

Unfortunately syndicate options are not available for Combo Packs.

Can I register my tickets with Combo Packs?

Yes, you can register your tickets using your Player’s Card.

Combo Packs are only available in-store so be sure to visit your nearest store and ask for more details.

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