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Your extra chance to win

Play Super66 every Saturday night for the chance to win up to $1 million.

How do I win?

  • Six numbers are drawn from 0 to 9 – these are the Winning Numbers. The idea is to match your six numbers with the six Winning Numbers in the order drawn from the barrel from either left or right on each game you have played.
  • The more numbers you match in order, the bigger your prize
  • You need at least two consecutive numbers on either end that match the Winning Numbers
  • The minimum entry for Super66 is one game

What could you win?

Super66 has five divisions.
If the Winning Numbers are 123456 in drawn order, you'll win:

Divisions and combinations
Division 1 with 123456
Division 2 with 123459 or 823456
Division 3 with 123409 or 803456
Division 4 with 123809 or 809456
Division 5 with 128709 or 809156

If you have Winning Numbers at both ends of the ticket you only win one of the prizes. If no one wins Division 1 the prize pool jackpots to the next week.

You can find out draw results and dividend information in a variety of ways. See the Results services section of this website for more information.

Please see the Ways to play section of our website for information about ways to play Super66.

Odds of winning

DivisionWinning NumbersOdds of WinningHow Much Do I Win?
1 6 1 in 1,000,000 Balance of prize pool - a minimum payout of $16,666.00
2 5 1 in 55,556 $6,666.00
3 4 1 in 5,556 $666.00
4 3 1 in 556 $66.00
5 2 1 in 56 $6.60

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