While we try to support any initiative that comes our way, to make sure we are meeting requirements for grants to support charitable or benevolent purposes and good grant making, there are some restrictions on what may be supported such as:

  • Competitive sporting activities (e.g. equipment or a vehicle that will support competitive sporting games)
  • Activities and assets that are core school responsibilities (e.g. playground equipment for schools or education materials). There may be scope to support for projects linked to schools that meet a community identified need
  • Interstate or overseas projects (including those located on Christmas Island or Cocos (Keeling) Islands). However, we can consider projects run by international or national groups where the project will take place in WA or be of direct benefit to WA
  • Ongoing operating costs, other than in an emergency or for projects with an end date. Where relevant we ask for projects with an internal wage component to have a sustainability plan beyond Lotterywest support
  • Promotion of a particular religious or spiritual philosophy. Our support to faith based groups focuses on welfare and community service activities that are not of a religious nature
  • Retrospective requests
  • Costs associated with the core delivery of a service purchased by local, State and Federal Governments

Call us if you'd like to check your initiative and if there is any scope for us to provide support.