There are some restrictions on what we can support:

  • Individuals, profit-making organisations and Government organisations are not eligible to apply.
  • The promotion of sport, including equipment or a vehicle that will support sporting teams or travel for sporting teams, is not a charitable purpose. Grants for sporting organisations may be supported if a charitable purpose can be identified such as providing sporting activities for people with disabilities or the elderly, where social outcomes will be achieved, or where sport is used as an engagement strategy.
  • Activities and assets that are core school responsibilities (e.g. playground equipment for schools or education materials) are not able to be supported. There may be scope to support projects linked to schools that meet a community-identified need. Parents & Citizens associations (P&Cs) can apply for suitable projects. Schools are not eligible.
  • Interstate or overseas projects are not eligible.
  • An organisation’s ongoing operating costs are not able to be supported.  Project costs may be supported as they are time limited.
  • The welfare and community service activities of faith based groups can be supported as long as they are not of a religious nature.
  • Retrospective requests.
  • Costs associated with the core delivery of a service purchased by local, State and/or Federal Governments are not able to be supported.

Please call us if you'd like to check your idea for a grant and whether there is any scope for us to provide support.