In Saturday, Monday and Wednesday Lotto you need all six Winning Numbers to win Division 1 and in OZ Lotto you need all seven Winning Numbers to win Division 1. 

Powerball is played by drawing seven balls from the first barrel of 35 and one ball from a second barrel of 20. The number drawn from the second barrel is the Powerball number and all eight numbers together are the Winning Numbers.

Set for Life is a game with draws every day of the week. When you win 1st Prize, instead of a single lump-sum payout, you get an ongoing prize of $20,000 a month for 20 years and it's guaranteed (if won) for up to four winners. Each entry lasts for seven consecutive draws and is played by drawing ten numbers from 37. The first eight numbers drawn are the Winning Numbers and the last two drawn are the Bonus Numbers.