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Below is a selection of Lotterywest publications, presentations and conference papers in PDF format.

Please contact Corporate Communications via email at or phone 08 9340 5283 if you have any queries regarding our publications.

Annual Report Cover 2011

Lotterywest Annual Reports

Lotterywest is pleased to present our 2016 Annual Report.

View the report by downloading the pdf.

If you would like a hard copy, please send a request to

Annual Report 2016
Annual Report 2015
Annual Report 2014
Annual Report 2013
Annual Report 2012
Annual Report 2011

Back orders and hard copies of the Lotterywest Annual Report from previous years are available on request.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2014-2018

Lotterywest is pleased to present our Strategic Plan 2014-2018.

View the plan by downloading the pdf.

Lotterywest - Storylines


The Storylines report is a reflection of the process Lotterywest used to develop its Social Value Analysis Project, and a discussion of some of the outcomes of the project.

View the report in an interactive e-book format, or by downloading the pdf.

A flyer summarising the Social Values Analysis Project is available to download and you are also welcome to email or call (08) 9340 5270 or 1800 655 270 for more information.

One moment in time

One moment in time

Lotterywest is pleased to present One moment in time.

80 stories – a tribute to the Western Australian community in Lotterywest’s 80th anniversary year and a video about our history.

View the book in a convenient interactive e-book format, or by downloading the pdf, or enjoy the video by clicking the link below.

One moment in time e-book.

One moment in time pdf.

One moment in time video (12mins).

Lotteries Commission Act

Lotterywest (the Lotteries Commission of Western Australia) operates according to the provisions of the Lotteries Commission Act 1990 (as amended), as a statutory authority responsible for the selling of lottery games and distributing the proceeds for the benefit of the Western Australian community.

Lotterywest's History - A Proper Foundation

A celebration of 75 years of the Lotteries Commission in Western Australia.

Information statement

A detailed description of Lotterywest's structure and activities which meets the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act.

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

Ensuring our services are accessible to all.

Privacy Policy

Providing important privacy information to Lotterywest's players, beneficiaries and suppliers.

State Government Access Guidelines for Information, Services and Facilities

A guide to assist government meet legislative requirements and support everyone to create an accessible and inclusive Western Australia.

Australian Lottery Bloc Code of Practice

The Australian Lottery Bloc Code of Practice is a voluntary code adopted by all members of the Lottery Bloc, a group which comprises of select lottery operators throughout Australia.

Code of Conduct

Lotterywest’s Code of Conduct clarifies the standards of behaviour that are expected of staff and gives guidance to ensure sound, ethical decisions are being made in the best interests of Lotterywest.

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